What Are Some Of The Different Ways That High Schools Use Technology For Safety Purposes?

As a parent, educator, or anyone else who has ties to one or more high schools—whether public or private—you could be worried about school safety. After all, as you might already know, violence in schools is unfortunately something that happens, and you probably want to make sure that you, your child, and everyone else inside the school are as safe as possible. Luckily, many schools are now making use of technology to make schools safer and more secure. This varies from school to school, but these are a few examples of how technology is commonly used in schools for safety and security purposes.

Surveillance Cameras

First and foremost, many schools make use of surveillance cameras. Not only do surveillance cameras help with things like reducing property crimes -- such as vandalism and theft on school property -- but they are also important for safety and security purposes. Surveillance cameras make it possible for school resource officers, security officers, and regular school staff to keep an eye on what is going on throughout the school without having to physically patrol the school. This allows them to do a better and more efficient job of monitoring for violence and security issues. Surveillance cameras can be used to do things like identify who wants to enter a locked school. Many surveillance camera systems that are used in schools actually use facial recognition software to make them even more effective.

Door Locking Systems

Of course, it's important for school doors to be lockable. When school is closed for the evening, for example, doors should be locked to prevent anyone from gaining access for nefarious reasons. However, nowadays, it's a good idea to keep school doors locked at all times throughout the day to restrict access to the school when there are students and staff members present. There are high-quality, high-tech door locking systems that can be used to keep exterior doors locked, and they often have controls that can be used to lock and unlock the doors to let people in and out when necessary. Installing locked doors and controls on classroom doors and other interior doors throughout the school can help with school safety and security, too.

As you can see, both public and private high schools use a variety of different types of technology for safety purposes. If you are going to be enrolling your child in a high school soon, you may want to ask about the safety precautions and technology that have been taken to protect students. Then, you can feel good knowing you're sending your child to the safest school possible.

For more information, contact a security and safety technology high school near you.